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We have a model that puts both the consumers’ aspirations and destination needs first when it comes to travel philanthropy – the desire to give something back.

If your business wants to enable consumers to support destinations, then it makes sense to have a common, cost efficient platform that can be used worldwide to enable travellers and holidaymakers to donate into destinations through an assured giving process.

By working together we can keep the platform costs to a minimum, share good practice and maximize the support from travellers to the destinations, people and environments that make travel such a rewarding experience.

TravelPledge offers a mechanism for ensuring efficient, secure, and where possible gift aided, donations by travellers to specific initiatives in destinations – initiatives which have been screened and where there is a travel industry linkage.

TravelPledge offers and assured giving mechanism, we will not run our own projects, we seek to facilitate and maximize the donations going to locally delivered projects in destinations.


We hope that your company will adopt the model and vision created by TravelPledge to encourage consumers to give back to their holiday destinations. TravelPledge will support and facilitate the running of your give back scheme, whilst continuing to promote Giving Back Through Giving to individuals and businesses.


  • TravelPledge’s overheads are covered by a yearly corporate donations from from our Travel Industry Supporters, the amount is voluntary
    • This donation along with the promotion of relevant TravelPledge projects via your business qualifies your company as a Travel Industry Supporter
    • The amount your company donates should reflect your companies size and the amount of work involved for TravelPledge in supporting your give back scheme – we welcome all suggestions small or large!
  • We charge a set up fee per new project of £80 + VAT, payable by your organisation if you wish to add a new project
    • There is no set up fee if your business chooses to promote an existing project


  • 3rd party assurance. Our Assured Destination Giving process provides confidence and clarity to your companies give back scheme
  • The flexibility to choose charitable projects that reflect your consumers motivations and destinations
  • Promote local staff engagement by encouraging them to choose the projects you will promote to your customers
  • Profile your business on the TravelPledge website and benefit form the PR we (and you) create
  • Your donation, collection and distribution methods will be as efficient and transparent as possible; all donations go through our UK registered charity Travel Philanthropy Ltd
  • Over time our industry will have an inspirational list of projects paid for by generous holidaymakers, delivered locally and facilitated in partnership with travel industry – something to be celebrated!


  • Delivery partners will benefit form increased consumer confidence and donations due to your company and TravelPledge promoting and vouching for their work
  • By working with TravelPledge every one of the projects will benefit from Gift Aid additions
    • TravelPledge retains 0% of donations – we exist to increase donations, not take a margin!
  • Zero cost for appearing on our site


  • Choice of destination specific projects
  • Consumers donate to pre-defined projects
    • they know exactly where their money will go, how it will be spent and what it will achieve
  • Every donor will receive a completion update on each and every project
  • 3rd party assurance that the project is subject to a strict code of giving and screening process
  • Easy online donation methods

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