Primary school education, Tanzania.


Raise support for five Amani children to attend primary school for a year and to meet all their basic needs, including nutritious food, clothing, and medical care.


Amani Children’s Home, Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania.


*Includes Intrepid Travel Match

Food for 5 children for 1 year = £360
Medical care for those same children = £180
Clothing = £45
Primary School- all inclusive:
(fees, uniforms, lunch, book bag, books) = £500
Total care for five children for a full year = £1091


Tanzania is one of the last countries on earth where primary school education is not free. The cost of mandatory fees, textbooks and uniforms make it impossible for many families to send their children to school in this, one of Africa’s poorest countries. Children of all ages run away from home to escape poverty and abuse in the hope of earning enough money to support themselves and attend school. Unfortunately, what they find is more hunger, violence, disease, infection, and abuse. Amani Children’s Home offers a safe and loving home, medical care, nutritious food, clothing, and an education to every child who comes to Amani’s door. No homeless child is turned away.


At the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa, Amani Children’s Home rescues street children and orphans from homelessness and restores hope to their lives. In addition to providing long-term care, Amani works to reunite children with their relatives, so they can grow up in their families. Amani, which means ‘Peace’ in Swahili, has been transforming the lives of homeless children since its founding in 2001.

*up to the equivalent of AU$5,000 per donor and a total of AU$300,000 for all donors in each financial year.


As a valued donor you will be updated on the completion of this project.


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