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Why donate via TravelPledge

  • At TravelPledge we maintain the lowest charges possible. Throughout our founding years we have reduced the costs of processing donations on behalf of travellers by 50%.
  • TravelPledge retains 2% of all donations to cover credit / debit card fees and international bank transfer fees. See how we compare on the chart below, we have lower charges than Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving and the Charities Trust!
  • Our Supporters cover 100% of our overheads, with all Supporters required to make either a corporate donation, or offer us services that reduce our running costs.

(Sourced from JustGiving, Charities Trust and Virgin Money websites, 11 Feb 2011)

  • TravelPledge is a UK Registered charity (No.1122270)
  • TravelPledge allocates all Gift Aid to your chosen project.
  • International bank transfer fees and any administration costs are clearly shown for each project.
  • Our Delivery Partners (the people responsible for delivering the projects) are not charged any fees by TravelPledge to appear on this or our Industry Supporters’ sites.
  • Our Pledge is to maintain the lowest costs in the sector. If you know of a more cost-effective way to donate online please let us know.
  • Online donations are processed by ASPERATO via a 3d Secure PCI DSS compliant online gateway.

Project Screening

We follow a common sense approach to giving, ensuring that robust due diligence is performed on each and every delivery partner and project. Each of our projects has been subject to the following process before it is promoted on this or our Travel Industry Supporter websites.

The process we follow is delivered in 4 stages:

1. Code of giving

Each Travel Industry Supporter that puts forward a project is required to follow our ‘common sense’ code of giving when considering a local delivery partner.

2. Project definition.

Once a Delivery Partner has been identified TravelPledge requires that a specific goal / project is defined. This allows the consumer to see exactly how their donation will be spent and enables more effective due diligence / reporting / and ensures a need is identified locally before money is raised.

The Project Definition results in a detailed application (cost, desired outcomes, process etc) and a short consumer friendly description. This application is created with involvement and guidance from TravelPledge and the local Delivery Partner

3. Advisory panel

Once a project has been defined, one or more of our advisors screens it. The advisors involved depends on a number of factors. including location, beneficiary and technology

Our Advisors are there to highlight risks or concerns with both the Delivery Partner and the Project Definition. Their comments / recommendations are based on their personal and professional experience.

4. Signed T&Cs

If successful, each Delivery Partner must sign and agree to a standard set of Terms & Conditions (T&Cs). This agreement is between the Delivery Partner and TravelPledge in relation to each Project and details, amongst other things, who they are, what their project will achieve, how will the money be spent and what experience they have.

We believe that this process allows TravelPledge, and those businesses that partner with us, to promote assured, destination projects that Tourists can donate to with confidence.


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