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Formally launched in 2009, TravelPledge is designed to make it easy and meaningful for individuals to give back to the places they visit. TravelPledge has been set up to respond to the growing demand from travellers to be able to contribute financially to charitable social and environmental projects in the destinations they visit. By working hand in hand with the travel industry, and local delivery partners, TravelPledge helps travellers to connect in more rewarding ways to the places they’ve visited.

Very simply TravelPledge works with all areas of the Travel Industry to offer a comprehensive give back scheme that delivers the following key elements:

  • Travellers are clearly informed about the cause and the delivery partners they are supporting.
  • Travellers will always be confident that their money will make a difference. Every project is subject to a robust due diligence. We avoid projects that may create lasting negative effects on beneficiaries or their environments, or lead to dependency on travellers’ gifts. In addition, many of the projects promoted have regular visits / engagement from the travel companies that promote them.
  • Travel companies receive their own online landing page where they can highlight projects of particular relevance to their travellers or holidaymakers, or projects which they have identified, whilst also offering their customers a wider choice, enabling them to choose which project to support, based on their own personal motivations.
  • Travellers donating to projects receive three clear communications about their gift.

1. That TravelPledge has received their donation and where applicable gift aid has been added.

2. Donors are informed when the project target has been reached and all the funds have been transferred to the delivery partner in destination.

3. Confirmation that the project has been completed – where possible with a photograph.

  • TravelPledge does not drip feed projects with donations as they come in. We achieve the full target before we send the funds, therefore reducing possible leakage, reducing costs associated with international money transfers and most importantly, significantly reducing the possibility of the donations being spent on alternative unplanned expenses.
  • Delivery Partners (the people responsible for delivering the projects) are not charged any fees by TravelPledge
  • Due to our charitable status all donations can benefit from Gift Aid, and importantly unless clearly stated, TravelPledge retains 0% of project donations or the gift aid, passing everything we get onto the beneficiaries in the destination.
  • Travel Industry Supporters featured on our site are all required to make a corporate donation to TravelPledge, which is retained by us and contributes towards our overheads.
  • Travel companies never handle their consumer’s donations, therefore promoting increased transparency relating to their give back scheme.

The TravelPledge model allows travel companies to encourage charitable giving at any point of the traveller journey, with most opting for promotion during ‘emotive periods’ during and post trip.

By donating through TravelPledge, donors get to witness the benefits of their giving, it is so important to show people the results of their charitable support. At the same time the completed projects will allow the UK travel industry to validate and ‘story tell’, the contributions travellers have made to philanthropic causes, clearly distinguishing between corporate and individual donations. TravelPledge hopes that by working with them, travel companies can concentrate on developing and improving their own corporate Responsible Tourism policies whilst also guiding their consumers to a sustainable and effective means to give back with confidence.

TravelPledge provides a strong link between travellers and (often unheard of) local charitable initiatives.


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