Thank you to our supporters – TravelPledge Review

Click here to download the TravelPledge_Review

The really hard work has been done; we have a stable technology platform and all the processes in place to ensure efficient collection and transfer of funds to the destinations that really need it. We have secured a small number of outstanding visionary travel industry supporters who have helped us to raise nearly £60,000 for projects in 12 different countries. Thank you to all those travellers who have made donations.

Moving into our third year we now have the enthusiasm, stability and technology to grow.

The work we do with our supporters enables travellers to reach out and benefit local charitable initiatives in the places they visit. These projects need and deserve our support; in many cases communities do not have any other opportunity to raise money from people visiting the place they call home.

Please do read our short review and if you are a travel business owner / employee or traveller please do consider supporting us in the future.

Click here to download the TravelPledge_Review

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  1. […] Read the latest update from Nick at TravelPledge here. […]

  2. […] Nick Chaffe is the Director of TravelPledge – he is a volunteer – unpaid – he gives up huge chunks of his spare time to manage and develop TravelPledge. TravelPledge now manages all people and places volunteer donations together with the charitable giving of many other travel industry organisations. It really is not easy giving other people’s money away, ethically and transparently – Nick has worked incredibly hard on systems and audit trails – the complication is the lack of capacity within the projects to report accurately or on time! Read the latest TravelPledge report here […]

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