Important information for donors

TravelPledge has recently updated its website, as a result there a few important improvements to note.

Donation Pages

Donations are no longer handled by The Big Give. We now have our own system in place which significantly reduces the administration involved in tracking and reconciling donations. The new system also ensures that at least 2% more of your online donation will get to your chosen project, due in part to reduced credit and debit card processing fees.


Gift Aid and Donation Targets

Donors are now able to instantly track donation progress by clicking on the Donate Now buttons within the site. The following information will appear:

Project Name: e.g. Sports Field for Tshume School

Total Amount Required: e.g. £5,415.00

Amount Donated So Far: e.g. £1,886.05

Please note that these figures do not include Gift Aid. TravelPledge will still allocate 100% of the collected Gift Aid to the donors chosen project.


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