50% of income from ‘carbon rated flight search’ pledged to our projects.

responsibletravel.com becomes the first travel agent to offer a carbon comparison flight search responsibletravel.com/carbontatedflights which compares not only prices, but carbon emissions of different airlines for requested routes.

We are thrilled that responsibletravel.com have agreed to generously donate 50% of income from the flight search to TravelPledge, we will use this money to fund charitable projects supporting local communities adapting to the impacts of global warming.

Justin Francis, MD, responsibletravel.com said: “By offering a comparative lower carbon flight search, based on the carbon efficiency of different airlines, we are able to offer a practical guide to relative carbon travel.” Francis adds, “And if consumer demand starts to reward efficient airlines our expectation is that more airlines will disclose exact fuel consumption and work much harder towards being less polluting.”

The search engine (the same that we use at travelpledge.org/flysmart) was created in partnership with Global Travel Market and one of our supporters, The Carbon Consultancy.

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see the full press release and lean about the flight search


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