Another project target reached, this time for South Africa.

Due to continued generosity from volunteers and holidaymakers, another TravelPledge supported project has reached its required target of £3,582. These funds will be used to build a sanitation block at the Emmanuel Care and Advice Centre, located in Kwanoxolo Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

“The children attending the pre-school come from disadvantaged homes, it is important that they are taught good hygiene from an early age. This is difficult when the toilet is in itself a problem.”

The funds raised will provide a more permanent and hygienic solution, currently the centre is served by a porta-loo. Further project details can be found on our achieved projects page.

As always, donors to this project will be updated on completion of the project.

We better get another one up in time for the World Cup kick-off…….!

2 project targets achieved for Nepal

It’s is incredible news that TravelPledge has recently sent a further £5,457 out to Nepal, all raised from holiday-makers and volunteers travelling to Nepal.

This money allows registered Nepali charity OCCED to deliver two important projects, in addition to their existing work. Project details can be found on our achieved projects page and include:

  • an education fund for 5 orphaned children at the Mehendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School
  • the renovation and equipping of a children’s common / computer room at the existing children’s home location

Both these projects have been supported by people and places, further demonstrating their commitment to the communities that they work with. A huge thanks to all those who donated – you know who you are!

TravelPledge will of course update on both these projects once implemented, so that donors can see the difference that thier money has made.

Exciting news, but just the start……….


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