peopleandplaces, our founding Travel Industry Supporter

people and places played a leading role in establishing Travel Philanthropy (TravelPledge). They needed a reputable and efficient charity through which to channel volunteers’ donations, and to ensure that such donations would be eligible for Gift Aid, wherever possible.

The cost of each volunteer placement includes a ‘ring-fenced’ donation to the project on which they are working – equipment or resources which are needed for the volunteer to fulfil their assigned placement can thus be purchased locally. This means that those costs doesn’t fall on the local community, and actually help the local economy. Volunteers discuss how their donation should be spent during their placements.

Volunteers’ generosity doesn’t necessarily end when their placements end. peoplandplaces are constantly surprised and humbled by the way in which many volunteers continue to support ‘their’ projects – often raising significant amounts of money for the project after their return home.

“TravelPledge provides an excellent way of channelling volunteers’ donations – both before and after their placements. We are proud to have played a major role in the launch of this responsible charity.”

TravelPledge is proud to work with peopleandplaces and would encourage anyone wanting to volunteer responsibly to visit their site


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